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About joining WANM &


Naturopathic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, International Professional Association of Traditional Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, International Professional Association of Traditional Medicine

Let's aim for naturopathy from modern medicine (allopathy).

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About joining our association

Eligibility for membership

WNF: Definition of the Global Natural Medicine Therapy Profession
Credit holders, graduates, certificate holders and practitioners of Naturopathic Schools, Colleges, Universities, Naturopathic Medical Schools and domestic related certificate holders are eligible for general membership.

As we will transition to a global organization next year (2024), we will focus on natural medicine (other than modern medicine), and those who are majoring in modern medicine and have an understanding of natural medicine can join.

Natural medicine, alternative medicine, traditional medicine, modern medicine, etc., Ayurvedic medicine, Nepali/Sri Lankan traditional medicine, Unani Arabic medicine, Latin American traditional medicine, Asian traditional medicine (Tibet, Mongolia, etc.), African traditional medicine, alchemic medicine, European/Russian traditional medicine

1. Those who have studied abroad at international naturopathic universities and graduate schools (including online).

2. Doctors and researchers who have mastered natural medicine and therapy.

3. Holders of relevant qualifications in Japan and abroad (complementary and alternative medicine, alternative medicine therapy, world traditional medicine, etc.) and practitioners.

4. Graduates of domestic and foreign natural medicine and alternative therapy training institutions.

5. Those who are interested in this field and aim to become Naturopathy naturopaths in the future (anyone: even those from overseas) are eligible for membership as both adult and student members.


*Those who are already practicing natural medicine clinics and those who are affiliated with them are general members.

Please install at least one naturopathic doctor by 2025.


*World Natural Medicine Therapy Organization Regulations (WNF, etc.): Non-natural medicine therapy professional members should be less than 20% of the total. In preparation for the establishment of a natural medicine clinic certification system

Exceptions for general members

Those who have completed at least 1500 hours of the WHO recommended natural medicine therapy education course (both in Japan and overseas). The content and number of hours will be negotiable.

We are widely open to the doors, but since we belong to the United Nations and Natural Medicine World Organization (members of the World Health Organization), please apply at your own discretion.

Our members will be registered under the certification of the World Federation of Natural Medicine and Therapeutics from the year 2021. The registration fee is 1000 yen per year.

Site membership is a temporary membership. To become an official member, please follow the above instructions.

Membership fee

Members pay an annual membership fee. In order to maintain this association, annual expenses for each member are 2,000 yen for general members, 2,000 yen for adult members, and 1,000 yen for student members. Naturopathic organizations, etc. ¥5,000 per year

 Supporting members (sponsor members) of companies, etc. are 20,000 yen per year.

​​*WNF and other international organization membership fees of 1,000 yen are added. (We will register as an affiliated organization and as an individual.)

  *Please make a request by e-mail, etc., and write down your postal code, address, name, contact information, department, etc., and send it. You will be registered as a member by transferring the membership fee. We regularly send materials from various international organizations. Please fill in as a backup.

*Regarding membership fees (including referrals from members)

Free until 2022 (March 31, 2023).

Membership fee: Payment (bank)

                                :Credit cards, etc.

 Member Status

The membership includes general members, working members, student members, and supporting members. Membership status and fees shall be the same for all countries, not just Japanese. (Membership shall be fair, impartial and equal except for distinctions based on country of origin, knowledge and experience in natural medicine therapy.)

(Our membership is fair, impartial, and equal, except for distinctions based on country of origin, knowledge, and experience in natural medicine) We recommend participation, posters, and oral presentations at international natural medicine conferences and meetings.

You can also become a member of UN NGOs and WHO World Natural Medicine Organization (you can also become a member of the world organization of UN agencies). (You can also join the world organization of UN agencies.

If you wish, we can recommend you for participation in UN events, committees, board meetings, and statement presentations.

We also collaborate with other organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), North American scientific organizations, and EU environmental organizations.

What is not possible with Japanese organizations is possible with our association. Many friends around the world are waiting for you.


About the organization

For the time being, we do not have a president, vice presidents, committees, or members.

In the next few years, we would like to establish them at the General Assembly. Until then, the International Career Support Association, a UN NGO (non-profit general incorporated association), will manage the association.


National and regional seminar lecturer

This conference aims to be as regional and spontaneous as possible. At the heart of this is the regional seminar. With the approval of the society, any member can establish a regional seminar by asking others in the region to join.

We have members from China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries who are working Naturopathy & Naturopathic Doctor members.

The Association will proceed as follows.

・Establishment of domestic academic societies

・Invitation of overseas conferences

・Recommendation of presentations at overseas conferences

・Translation and publication planning

・Regional health care advisor

・Supplement product planning

・Support for opening a business


UN NGO (Non-Profit General Incorporated Association) International Career Support Association and Japan Natural Medicine  Society

Japan Consultancy Corp.

Representative Director and Chairman

Member of the United Nations Agenda 2030 Project PCP team. CONGOJACE Officer, Church Center, United Nations Headquarters

Doctor of Science (US), Doctor of Natural Medicine (Canada), Doctor of Alternative Medicine (India), Master of Bioscience (USA), MBA Master of Business Administration (USA), WONM Asia University Professor Volunteer Professor (China, Taiwan, Professor of Malaysia, Singapore, Japan School and President) University Of People Former volunteer part-time lecturer, medical university, nursing college part-time lecturer. Former clinical laboratory technician and clinical engineer. Management and human resource development consulting company Previous position and current position.
Researcher specialized in overseas media such as natural medicine

After the successful isolation of a new type of microorganism at a university hospital in the Showa era, he was involved in private emergency medicine and was involved in the spread of hospital start-ups (3 cases), hospital M&A, drug discovery clinical trials, and transplantation medicine. About Japan in the 21st Century: Internationalization, personnel mobility, and medical diversification. Therefore, we have accumulated knowledge and experience from the bottom (including human resource development).

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